David Morris MP deplores politicisation of the BMA

David Morris MP highlighted the political agenda of the BMA following the latest dispute and threat of strike action using an example of a doctor in his own constituency.

Following the statement made by Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt MP, David Morris MP said:

The fact that these strikes are occurring and being called off is very serious, especially against the backdrop of this contract. One of my constituents, who is a doctor, the chairman of Doctors in Unite and the deputy chairman of the BMA, stated in the Sunday Times that this issue could be used to beat the Tories and make the country great again. Does my right hon. Friend agree that it is appalling that patients across the country are being used as pawns in the political game of “Corbynista-ism”?

In response to his question Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt MP said:

I completely agree. I am afraid that this is where I am very, very disappointed with the Labour party. Thrilled though it might be to have so many supporters of the leader in the more extreme ranks of the BMA, it helps no one to try to use the NHS as a political pawn and to weaponise the NHS as it tried so destructively to do before the last election