9th September 2019

Last week in Parliament we returned from recess to an extremely busy week of debate on Brexit. I did not vote to support the opposition led bill to take no deal off the table as I do not feel that this is responsible way to proceed. I also did not agree with the sentiments of the bill which passed power regarding the process to the European Union. It was highly irresponsible for any Member of Parliament to give control to another state over their affairs.

I remain steadfast in my position, I want a deal, I want the Prime Minister to be in the best position possible to get a deal and I will continue to vote for a deal; as I have done at every opportunity. But if a deal is not possible then I will vote for no deal as the most important thing is that we honour the result of the referendum and leave.

I have never voted to take no deal off the table and my votes will continue to reflect this.

This week I voted with the Prime Minister for a General Election, with the current state of Parliament and a majority for no deal and Members who want no Brexit, I believe we need a new Parliament of leave supporting MP’s to ensure we deliver Brexit. To not deliver the result of the referendum will be unforgivable. It absolutely has to happen and I will never vote against delivering this result.

I have had several contacts from Constituents seeking advice and information about recent changes to the Blue Badge parking scheme. This as many will know, is a scheme which allows badge holders with disabilities to park in designated spaces or on yellow lines allowing them closer access to shops and other social amenities. This has until very recently been limited to people with physical disabilities affecting their mobility. However, in one of the biggest shake-ups in the fifty year history of the scheme, from 30th August 2019, the eligibility criteria has been extended to allow people with ‘non-visible’ or hidden disabilities to apply. This will open up the scheme to people with conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and phobias, depending of course on the severity and how it impacts upon them. Anyone who feels that they, or a family member may qualify under the new rules should be encouraged to apply.

In this area, the Blue Badge scheme is administered by Lancashire County Council and further details are available online at https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/parking/blue-badges or via their helpline on Tel: 0300 123 6736.

These changes, which may increase the number of blue badge holders significantly, have also prompted some correspondence from my Constituents drawing my attention to problems that are caused by people mis-using disabled parking bays, especially on supermarkets. With 50 badge holders for every disabled parking bay currently available in Lancashire, it is more important than ever that motorists respect the scheme and ensure that they only park in a designated bay if they are legally entitled to do so. Private parking firms who often have responsibility for supermarket car parks, and Local Authorities are being encouraged to actively adopt and apply stricter enforcement of the legislation to ensure that people who really need closer access can actually have it.

If you are a constituent and you would like my help with an issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can do so either by email on david.morris.mp@parliament.uk or by phone 01524 841225. Please make sure you include your full postal address