15th July 2019

On Wednesday I was able to ask the Prime Minister to help me progress talks on the Eden Project in Morecambe.

I asked:

The Eden Project wants to come to the north of England—to Morecambe. I would like to have a meeting with the Chancellor and the Prime Minister to talk about putting Eden into Morecambe to make sure it is the jewel in the north-west that it should be.

The Prime Minister Theresa May MP said:

I was not previously aware that the Eden Project wanted to come to Morecambe. I am happy to arrange suitable conversations for my hon. Friend so that he can make that case.

The Eden Project will be a gamechanger for Morecambe but will not happen without £40 million pounds of Government Funding. I am making sure this Project is at the forefront of Minister’s minds to ensure we secure that funding. I am delighted that the Prime Minister will help me secure the next stage of the talks needed on this vital project.

This week there were leaked papers in the press which were private papers that Sir Kim Darroch our United States Ambassador has sent to the Foreign Office in Private. It is imperative to our democracy that our civil servants are able to carry out their jobs and that politicians protect our civil servants when they are not permitted to make public statements themselves.

During an Urgent Question on the leak on Thursday in the House of Commons Chamber I Said:

I went to Washington in November 2018, and I met Sir Kim Darroch. He had very warm words to say about Donald Trump on that occasion.

Does my right hon. Friend not feel it is incumbent on every Member of Parliament to back our excellent diplomats and civil servants and that my right hon. Friend the Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip (Boris Johnson) should come to the House and apologise?

In response Minister of State at the Foreign Office Alan Duncan MP said:

I am grateful to my hon. Friend for his words. He points out what is evident to anybody who visited Washington when Sir Kim was ambassador. There was a very cheerful team and a great esprit de corps. He was very popular, and there were very good parties, which I hope will continue.

This week in Parliament the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill was brought to the House, and with it came several amendments on issues such as same sex marriage and abortion, which are issues which are devolved decisions which should be made by the Northern Ireland Assembly. As a constitutionalist and the former Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Northern Ireland Office, I do not believe that as a Member of the UK Parliament I should be voting to change laws which are devolved, taking responsibility away from the Northern Ireland Assembly.

As I have stated in previous columns I am backing Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister of Our County. This is the final week of the campaign. Jeremy Hunt wants to turbocharge the economy and make sure Britain walks tall in the world. Jeremy has a plan to deliver Brexit, by using his entrepreneurial skills to negotiate with Europe and only by delivering Brexit can we re-unite as a Country. I truly believe that Jeremy Hunt is the right person to be the next Prime Minister.

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