Trade Bill

Thank you for contacting me about food standards in future UK trade agreements.

Following the decision to leave the European Union, it is right that the UK takes advantage of the opportunities which will come from it. This includes an independent international trade policy and the freedom to negotiate our own trade deals with new partners and old allies across the globe.

But that does not mean that new trade deals should come at any cost. Any future deal must work for UK farmers, businesses, and consumers, and uphold food safety, animal welfare standards, and environmental protection. That is why I welcome the Government's commitment to maintain our current high food standards and ensure that imports meet all the relevant UK product rules and regulations.

I agree with you that trade policy should be developed in a way which is transparent and inclusive. Parliament alongside devolved and local government, businesses, trade unions, and civil society will have a say in how the UK trades with the rest of the world after Brexit. This includes parliamentary scrutiny of new trade deals, as is already the case with all treaties negotiated by the Government.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me.