Selection to Parliamentary Committees

These motions which were voted through on the 12th of September have been designed to ensure that the Government’s working majority is available right across Parliament.

To suggest that this is either a power grab, or unprecedented, is entirely misleading.

This is very simply about ensuring that detailed legislation can be examined in committee, as per usual, rather than have the Commons spend valuable time reversing amendments to Government legislation in Opposition-controlled committees.

The precedent for such motions was set in 1976 by the then Labour Government, where they passed a motion for a majority of one in standing committees. It is my understanding that the wording of such motions passed on the 12th of September are the same as those passed in 1976 by the then Labour Government.

I acknowledge the role that Parliament plays in scrutinising legislation, however we must be mindful of the Government’s obligation to legislative commitments in the Queens Speech, respecting the mandate given to us by voters on the 23rd of June last year, and ensuring that we leave the European Union in an orderly fashion.

I am compelled by duty as a Member of Parliament; I seek to act and vote in accordance to what my conscience believes is in the best interests of my country and my constituents.

We are in the middle of the most complicated peace time negotiations that the UK has faced, it is absolutely vital that we deliver on our mandate given to us by the British people on the 23rd of June. Moreover, we have a duty as parliamentarians to help foster an environment that promotes stable governance which in turn leads to economic security and fairness.

It is my belief that these motions help to do just that.