Thank You!

By David Morris MP 

Thank you to all 23,925 of you who put your faith in me and voted for me to be re-elected to represent our area for the next 5 years. To be re-elected with a vastly increased majority and over 50% of the vote was truly humbling and I feel so honoured that so many of you decided to put your faith in me for a fourth time. As your Member of Parliament, I am here to represent not just those who voted for me but also those who didn’t, I am here to help everyone regardless of how you voted, so please do get in touch if you would like my help.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the campaign and I have got to speak to so many of you about your thoughts and priorities for the future. I am fully committed to Brexit and am looking forward to us being able to get Brexit done now we have a majority Government. I share the frustrations many of you have with the Brexit process and with all the roadblocks that have been put in place along the way. The County voted leave, the Lancaster District voted leave and Morecambe and Lunesdale voted leave. Throughout the campaign people’s top priority was leaving the European Union and I will always use my vote in Parliament to vote with the Prime Minister and deliver Brexit. And I look forward to us being able to do that before the 31st January. The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal will also allow us to secure a Freeport at Heysham Port which will create more jobs in the area.

My other main priority is to ensure the Eden Project is successfully delivered. During the campaign the Chancellor visited Morecambe to see for himself the site for the Eden Project and to see how vital the project will be for Morecambe in the future. I have been constantly badgering the Chancellor for the funding and I am delighted that ahead of the next budget when the economic case will be considered the Chancellor now has first hand experience of the site when he judges the economic argument for funding.

At the end of November Morecambe BID held a fabulous event at the Platform called ‘An Evening with Eden’, which showcased all of the local stakeholders who are working with Eden and embracing the opportunities it brings. They put together speakers from Education, to business to the Winter Gardens, and it was a fantastic evening. I am delighted that the whole community are pulling together behind the Eden Project and I will be working night and day to ensure this game changing attraction received the Government funding it needs to go ahead. I want to thank Morecambe BID for their commitment to Morecambe and for pushing positive changes in our area, they are an asset to us all in promoting Morecambe and also put on a fantastic Christmas lights switch on.

The next five years will see our area transformed. Morecambe and Lunesdale is on the up and we are open for business. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to improve our home for the better.

Thank you for once again for putting your faith in me to transform our area, I will not let you down.