Prime Minister agrees to help David Morris progress Eden Talks

During Prime Minister’s questions today (10th July) Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to help David Morris progress talks on the Eden Project Morecambe.

David Morris MP asked:

The Eden Project wants to come to the north of England—to Morecambe. I would like to have a meeting with the Chancellor and the Prime Minister to talk about putting Eden into Morecambe to make sure it is the jewel in the north-west that it should be.

The Prime Minister Theresa May MP said:

I was not previously aware that the Eden Project wanted to come to Morecambe. I am happy to arrange suitable conversations for my hon. Friend so that he can make that case.

Speaking after the question David Morris MP said:

The Eden Project will be a gamechanger for Morecambe but will not happen without £40 million pounds of Government Funding. I am making sure this Project is at the forefront of Minister’s minds to ensure we secure that funding. I am delighted that the Prime Minister will help me secure the next stage of the talks needed on this vital project.’