PMQ’s: Prime Minister Supports David Morris’ campaign for an Enterprise Zone.

David Morris MP today asked the Prime Minister in PMQ’s to back his campaign for an enterprise zone and ensure that Labour Councils could not stop the area’s economic prosperity by not applying for funding for projects in the area.

David Morris MP asked:

Thank you Mr Speaker, I would like to ask my Rt Hon Friend the Prime Minister if she would assist in trying to get an Enterprise Zone in my constituency of Morecambe and Lunesdale as part of the Industrial Strategy. Because it turns out that the Labour Council and the Labour County Council who were taking about Enterprise zone esque project in the area have not even applied for any funding whatsoever. So would my Rt Hon Friend please assist me in this endeavour’

In response Prime Minister Theresa May MP said:

‘Can I say to my Hon friend, I know what a champion for Morecambe and Lunesdale he is and has been as a Member of Parliament.

I am sure that the Chancellor and the Business Secretary will look at the issue that he has raised.

But I will also say how sad it is that Labour Councils are not willing to put forward proposals to increase the prosperity and economic growth in their area. ‘