MP Tables Commons Motion Criticising the EU’s Olive Oil Decision

David Morris MP has today tabled a Parliamentary Motion criticising the Commission of the European Union for banning olive oil dipping bowls and jugs. The Commission says that as of 1st January 2014, restaurants must use tamper-proof bottles.

 The motion reads:

“That this House notes that the Eurozone has been in recession for six consecutive quarters, that unemployment in the European Union is more than 24 million and that the EU's accounts have not received a clean audit in 18 years; believes that against this backdrop it is an insult that the European Commission is planning to ban olive oil dipping bowls; and further believes that the European Commission should stop focusing on irrelevant minority issues and instead deal with the very serious problems faced by the continent.”

Speaking from Westminster David Morris MP said:

 “This is completely nonsensical, consumers should be given the choice which Olive Oil they choose to consume in restaurants. The Commission banning Olive Oil dipping bowls and jugs is an example of the unnecessary red tape that affects our lives and originates from Brussels on a daily basis.”