Eden Project proposal for Morecambe

By David Morris MP

For many months I have been working with the Team at the Eden project in Cornwall on an exciting project. This work has been confidential and we had planned to be able to share it with the public in a couple of months when most of the preparation work had been completed. Unfortunately this week a confidential document had been shared with a media outlet locally and this has led to the project now being in the public domain.

 The proposal for an Eden project in Morecambe is a hugely exciting one and is being proposed by the Eden project themselves who are an internationally renowned company. I am currently working hard with Government to secure funding to allow this project to go-ahead. I have the full backing of Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry MP, who has also met with the Eden team, and he is helping me secure some further funding from other Government departments. Once the funding for the project is fully finalised I will be able to share much more detail about the project in the weeks and months to come.

 What I can say is that this project is a hugely exciting one. I have been and visited the Cornwall Eden project and spoken with their team and spoken to my Cornish MP colleagues about the Eden impact in their area. If Eden gives only a small percentage of those benefits to our area it will be a game changer for Morecambe and it’s regeneration. This is exactly what Morecambe needs on the back of the Link Road, this has the potential to create jobs and investment in our area for many years to come.