Eden Case for Investment presented to the Chancellor by David Morris MP

This week David Morris MP met with the Chancellor Sajid Javid MP to present him with the Case for Investment for the Eden Project in Morecambe. This study marks the first stage in the formal process to bid for Government funding and now the document is with the Treasury they can start to look into the Eden project with a view to allocating funds in the future.

After speaking to the Chancellor David Morris MP said;

‘Eden would be an absolute gamechanger for Morecambe and the case for investment proves that. I am delighted that the Chancellor was able to meet with me to present the report in person and was able to allocate a member of his team to look into the Project. I have been working behind the scenes in Government on this for many months if not years now and this document is the first stage of the formal bidding process for funding.

The Prime Minister has already agreed to help me secure the project, and I know with such a strong case for investment that Eden presented the Chancellor will not be far behind with his backing either’