David Morris MP welcomes Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling to the Bay Gateway

On Friday David Morris MP welcomed Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling MP to the Bay Gateway.

Speaking after the visit David MP said:

The M6 Link road was the first road building project in the Country for well over a decade so it truly was a huge coo for our area for me to be able to secure the funding from Government.  I drove Chris up and down the road and he was really impressed with the cut down in the travel times. He used to travel from Heysham Port as a child so he understood how long it used to take to get to the Port.

The visit showed the importance of projects such as this and the impact they can have on an area’s economic future. Not only was I able to tell him of the many of you who have contacted me to thank me for the impact the road has had on not just your travel time but on your family lives, but was also able to reiterate my plans for an enterprise zone and how this will spearhead the economic benefits of the road.

The M6 link road project was one of the biggest investments that the Government had made on a local road in recent times, so I was pleased to be able to show the road to the Secretary of State to show him how much of an impact the road has made.