David Morris MP highlights the need for stability in Libya with the Prime Minister following the EU Council statement.

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on the EU Council on Monday David Morris MP asked the Prime Minister Theresa May, what discussions had been had at the meeting regarding ensuring stability in Libya.

Addressing the Prime Minister in the chamber on Monday (19th Dec) David Morris MP said:

In Libya there seems to be instability in Tripoli, but there seems to be stability in Benghazi. Were there any discussions at the European Council towards helping to stabilise the situation, so that there is no migration of people from Libya?

In Response Prime Minister Theresa May said:

There was some discussion of Libya, because of the recognition that it plays an important role in relation to the migration of people from the rest of Africa across the Mediterranean into Italy. Of course, Royal Naval vessels have been in the Mediterranean saving people’s lives, and they continue to be there. They are also, as I indicated in my statement, training the Libyan coastguard, which is an important part of the process of preventing that migration from taking place. It is important that we have the Government of National Accord in Libya and that we are able to interact with that Government. We would encourage, and we wish to see, stability across Libya so that we can further ensure that we are dealing with this issue of migration.