David Morris MP asks the Prime Minister to ensure the Information Commissioner investigates serious allegations about data breaches from Labour HQ.

During today’s Prime Minister’s Questions David Morris MP asked:

‘Mr Speaker, Investigative reporter Patrick Christys has uncovered questions of serious data breaches by Labour Headquarters. The Information Commissioner has been notified. 

Would my Rt Hon Friend the Prime Minister join with me in asking the Information Commissioner to do a thorough investigation?’

In response Prime Minister Theresa May said:

‘Well obviously as I have said before in this House it is important that people are able to have confidence in how their personal data is used and it is important that the Information Commissioner is able to investigate cases where they are drawn to the attention.

In the Data Protection Bill we will strengthen the law in this area. We are going to give the Information Commissioner’s Office tougher provisions to ensure that organisations comply with those investigations.

And at the heart of our digital charter that we have set out here is that concept, that principle that personal data should be respected and used appropriately.’

David Morris MP said following PMQ’s:

‘Patrick Christys has uncovered some extremely serious allegations about the way in which data has been used by senior members of Labour HQ and I am pleased that the Prime Minister has joined me in calling for the Information Commissioner to investigate fully the allegations that have been referred.’ 

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