David Morris MP asks for the help of the business community with Enterprise Zone application

David Morris MP is asking businesses in the area to complete a survey to help show the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership that there is a need for an Enterprise Zone in Morecambe and Lunesdale. Enterprise Zones offer incentives for businesses to set up in an area by enabling discounts on business rates and ensuring the rates collected are preserved by the areas and spent on improvements in that area amongst other things.

David Morris MP said:

‘With the completion of the eagerly awaited M6 Link Road just around the corner, I believe it is now time for the business community to be looking towards the next steps to spearhead the economic benefits for the area. This is why I see the next step of the Link Road as being an Enterprise Zone which would expand the industrial space on White Lund and see even more businesses move into the area, with local businesses also having the space and opportunity to expand creating more jobs and prosperity.

When I secured the funding for the Link Road there was a study done that said for each pound of Government funding that went into the road the local economy would get a minimum of four pounds back. This is a huge investment potential but I believe that if we can embrace the road and carry on its legacy that figure could rise ever higher.

This is where I am asking for businesses’ help. Under David Cameron’s Government I had agreement from the Chancellor and the Powerhouse Minister that the Enterprise Zone would be given the green light should the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership put in the application, but that the application had to come from the Enterprise Partnership.  At the moment the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership have not indicated that our area is one of their priorities and seem to be much more Prestoncentric. This needs to change.

I will be putting a case together to send to the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership to prove that we need this Enterprise Zone and that there is economic argument to support the project. I will be using all of the responses that I get back from the survey of the business community along with support I have already received from the Isle of Man Government to put a package together which convinces the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership that they must put the application in to Government. Once the application is submitted by them I am sure I can get it approved by the Government.’

If you are business and have not received a survey by Friday of this week please email david.morris.mp@parliament.uk to be sent a survey to complete or you can complete on online here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WDD8D2M