My Plan

 Ensure the M6 link continues to bring investment into Morecambe and Lunesdale

I want to ensure that the legacy of the M6 Link is optimised by encouraging further investment into the area, which will create more jobs and increase house prices.

 Ensure that Heysham 3 nuclear power station is built as soon as possible

I worked hard to secure the footprint for a new nuclear power station in Heysham and am now campaigning for the station to be built as soon as possible.

 Campaign for a transport tunnel to be built under Morecambe Bay

I'll campaign for a transport tunnel to be built under Morecambe Bay to the Furness Peninsula, as phase two of the M6 Link Road project.

 Continuing to safeguard the NHS in Morecambe and Lunesdale

I'll continue to ensure that the NHS in this area is safeguarded and protected and ensure that it continues to receive high levels of funding as in the last 5 years.

 Campaign to exempt over 75s from paying Council Tax

I want to exempt those who are Over 75 from having to pay council tax, bringing this in line with the TV Licence policy.

 Campaign for a parking pass so that work vans can stop and unload without getting a ticket

I am the Government's self employment ambassador, and one of my key campaigns for our area is a parking pass for work vans, so that they can unload without getting a ticket. This would help small businesses and the self-employed in Morecambe and Lunesdale.